The abundant choice of designs available to female tattoo enthusiasts today is absolutely fantastic as there are a wide variety of different styles, shapes and sizes to suit all tastes and purposes in womens tattoo designs at present. Womens Tattoo DesignsThe past decade has also seen both male and female preferences move closer together and there is no longer such a vast difference in the choices made by each. In days gone by, men would opt for masculine patterns and images such as bold tribal designs and powerful animal images such as those synonymous with strength and ferocity. Women on the other hand would stick with tiny feminine images such as a flower or butterfly, strategically placed in a hidden location for maximum discretion but now days absolutely anything goes and in any placement for both sexes. Men are just as likely to sport large exotic floral designs like orchids or hibiscus as women are while there female counterparts are just as likely to request a tribal armband and these are predominantly heterosexual choices too.

With such a wide variety of choice with little personal, professional and social restrictions to limit the size and placement chosen, the demand for womens tattoo designs shows no sign of stopping so let us look at some of the more contemporary options. Retro is making a comeback in many aspects of our modern world so not surprisingly there has been a surge in requests for old school tattoo designs that have been making a bit of a comeback among male tattoo enthusiasts but these are also seeing a revival among women.

For those who are too young to remember these the first time round, these were the traditional designs sported by a few individuals – rather than the masses like they are now – particularly those such as sailors, bikers and the likes. These included hearts and banner designs, mermaids, nautical stars and anchors, pin-up girls, swallows and blue birds. However while the originals were fairly simplistic in detail, dark in colour and predominantly depicted in dark green, indigo and red inks, modern technology has come along way and the updated versions are elaborately detailed and vibrantly coloured. While these are not traditionally female designs, they make great medium to large sized tattoos that appeal to women seeking an alternative to the smaller floral, fairy, butterfly images more often requested by girls. Womens Tattoo DesignsThese not only look really cool but make a bold statement on their own which suggests an independent woman who is not afraid to be different but who still has some old-fashioned values at heart. Any woman who is confident enough to display these designs is not afraid to do so in a prominent location either such as the back, arm, leg, rib or shoulder.

Another rising trend in womens tattoo designs is to combine a few contrasting images to give a more feminine design that bit of an edge so why not add a snake or a dragon and incorporate it with a more girly image like the rose or lily. Alternatively instead of adding flowers or leaves to a vine design then add some thorns or flames instead as this will also make the original design more unique to you. With so many modern women opting for body art, it is worth taking some time to use your creative flair to add that personal touch and customise any design, as this will definitely enhance its individuality.