It used to be a very masculine practice to have a tattoo prominently displayed on the arm and these were often favored by muscular men who wanted to attract attention to their physique. Arm Tattoos For Women However, as modern society’s acceptance to body art has grown over the past decade there is now a huge demand in arm tattoos for women too although their choice in designs still tend to be softer and more feminine than their male counterparts on the whole. Many women will emulate some of the popular designs chosen by men but will add their own touch of femininity to the image so that it still has an edge while retaining a distinctly female feel to the design.

Tribal designs have always appealed to men who see these as a perfect statement for their manly attributes such as strength, power, courage and even bravery but these are also popular with many girls who want to avoid the more stereotypical girly images. Instead of dark, bold swirling curves and spirals in monochrome black or grey ink the female options tend to be less aggressive in appearance with finer lines and a touch of colour to brighten them up and make them more suitable to the female skin. There are certain tribal symbols such as the butterfly, flower or sun that are also popular with female tattoo enthusiasts and these also look completely different simply by adding a bright splash of color such as red, orange, turquoise or purple to the centre of the design. Alternatively, you can also do some research – women tend to put a lot more thought into their tattoo than men do – and find one of the rarer used tribal art styles like Haida. Unlike the monochrome dark ink patterns used in Celtic, Hawaiian, Polynesian and Maori designs that are prolific among men in general around the world, this specific artwork involves colour combinations that are more unique as well as making them better suited to a toned female arm.

Arm Tattoos For Women Another design for the arms that has become a big trend among male tattoo fanatics in recent years is the sleeve tattoo but this is also growing in popularity for arm tattoos for women now too. This involves the entire area of skin being inked in a variety of shapes, symbols, images and colors either from the shoulder to the wrist or incorporating half of the arm, either on the upper or lower part, just like a sleeve of clothing, hence the name. As these designs leave virtually no surface of skin uncovered, these are more for the hard-core enthusiast regardless of the sex but they are extremely versatile and easy to customise for either. Instead of the more widely requested masculine images used for the male equivalent of this particular design, these can be completely transformed so they look very feminine. By using a selection of bright flowers, butterflies, stars, fairies, angel’s wings, hearts and exotic birds, the affect can be absolutely beautiful and very sexy when sported on a more delicate female appendage.