There are certain parts of the body that have long been popular with one sex or the other when it comes to body art placement and that includes belly tattoos for women. This is a well-established female placement choice that is often chosen by many young women for their first tattoo as it is in a good location to conceal or display with ease. Belly Tattoos For WomenIt is also ideal for a small image that could later be used to form part of a larger design larger tattoo to cover a wider area of skin if desired, perhaps extending down to the pelvic area or hips or across the stomach and over or up onto the ribs. That way you get a feel for having a tattoo to see if you like it before committing to a larger more elaborate design that you may later regret. This is also perfect for anyone with a low pain threshold as you can get the work done in sessions over a period of time so you don’t have to experience any discomfort all in one go. The stomach is quite a sensitive area so you may feel the tattooist needle more there than you would on an alternative body part.

Before we look in more detail about the most popular belly tattoos for women, it is worth mentioning that there is a downside to this type of body art than girls should be aware of particularly young women whose bodies are still changing and developing. Unfortunately, the wash-board flat stomach you had as a teenager, may not withstand the test of time especially if your weight is prone to fluctuation or you plan to have several children so the skin tends to sag or stretch more here than in other areas.

This means that the sexy little tat you had on your belly could distort or disappear beyond recognition especially if you put on a lot of weight – say during pregnancy – or even if you lose a great deal too. Therefore, it is probably best to keep to a smaller, more simplistic design rather than one that is intricately detailed as the latter will look much worse if it has to get lost in rolls of fat as you age! Belly Tattoos For WomenOf course, this is just something to consider and any good tattooist will point this out to you before proceeding – mine did and it still looks good fifteen years later – however with any tattoo it is always prudent to consider the longevity of your chosen design and location.

Among the most popular choices for belly tattoos for women are stars, dolphins, butterflies, hearts and flowers however fairies and angels are also well favored in recent years too. These can be depicted in a circle or ring going around the naval itself or placed above, below or to one side as required. There are also those who choose to have designs running horizontally across the whole stomach area but these tend to be larger designs incorporating several images or even a written sentence such as a popular quote or inspirational verse.