Despite the stigma that is still associated with tattoos by those that belong to certain religious groups, where their faith deems tattooing a prohibited practice, there has been a rising demand for Christian tattoos for women who want to openly express their beliefs via their choice of body art. Christian Tattoos For WomenMany young Christian women in particular want to be cool and trendy by adorning themselves with cute and pretty body art designs, just like the rest of their peers and this allows them to be on trend while showing the world who they are and what they stand for at the same time. As a result, there are now many designs along this theme to choose from to suit all tastes and preferences – be they simplistic or ostentatious – so let’s look at some of the most favored images that are widely requested for body art of this kind.

One off the most universally recognized icons in Christianity is of course the cross; in particular the basic Latin cross and this can be used in a variety of differing ways for Christian tattoos for women. Unlike their male counterparts, female tattoo aficionados tend to choose smaller, more discrete images for placement on less prominent body arts where they can display or conceal their body art as desired. The cross can be depicted in its most simplistic form as just a simple outline or silhouette in a tiny representation inked on the inner wrist or hand for those who wish to pay homage in a very subtle manner.

However these cross designs can also be illustrated as larger more elaborately detailed images, often embellished with additional pictorial images such as flowers or birds incorporated into the design. The dove is another popular Christian icon symbolizing peace and love, which is often depicted carrying an olive branch either as a body art image on its own or incorporated into a cross or other imagery following a similar theme. Jesus fish, or the Ichthys as it is also known, is another popular icon that is widely requested in Christian themed body art designs, however this simple but ancient symbol is actually of great historical significance and is even predates the cross. Christian Tattoos For WomenIts design is actually very simplistic in that it consists of just two curved lines combined to form the shape of a fish. In body art it can be depicted as a basic austere outline in a single ink color or for a prettier more colorful effect, the area in between the lines can be shaded in a rainbow effect, and this has been adopted in this format as an emblem by many Christian organizations.

In addition to the most popular images we have already looked at for Christian tattoos for women, these are often used in conjunction with another hot trend in the tattooing industry, which are written designs that use letters or numerals as a focal point. These are often used alongside iconic imagery associated with Christianity, in particular with inspirational words or verse references for biblical passages that are of personal significance to the individual. They are also used on their own without pictorial images and a woman may opt to express her faith with her favorite quote from the bible or even a full passage or verse if the placement area provides a larger canvas of skin on which to fit it. Alternatively she may opt simply for the numerical reference to the chapter or verse that she most relates to.