In decades past, tattoos for women were few and far between and you would be hard pushed to find many females sporting body art, in fact there was a certain stigma attached to this, even for some male designs as well. Jump several decades and how things have changed! Classy Tattoos For Women Now, the phenomenal demand for body art in recent years means you will find it more difficult to find someone who does not have a tattoo as they are such a huge part of our modern society with equal numbers of men and women flocking to be inked. People of all ages and from all walks of life love tattoos however; the designs and images chosen by women still tend to vary considerably from those picked by their male counterparts. Perhaps this is because women tend to put more thought into the image, its design and also its style as well as the symbolism it represent so in general they take a more artistic approach. Most female tattoo enthusiasts are also more interested in classy tattoos for women and opt for beautiful, feminine images that are both sexy and tasteful.

So what constitutes classy tattoos for women and how do we ensure we do not end up with one that could be described as trashy? Like most things in life, beauty is in the eye of the beholder so what may seem classy to me may be trashy to you and vise versa however the design itself can be vastly affected by the location that it is placed. Certain body parts can therefore make your tattoo have more class than others so let us take a look at some of these in more details before we discuss the most popular images used.

Tattoos on the ankles and wrists tend to be fairly small and relatively inconspicuous which makes them perfect for a classy look as long as you keep it cute, pretty and feminine with a splash of girly colours. These are often done in the style of a bracelet around the wrist or ankle and the latter can also add definition to the leg for additional allure but both can be concealed with clothing or footwear if required. Classy Tattoos For Women Any tattoos that are large designs on prominent parts of the body, will look less elegant than smaller designs placed on more discrete body parts so if class is important to you, bare this in mind. You may also want to avoid tribal artwork as these tend to be depicted in black ink and look more masculine – think tramp stamp, lower back – as well as anything on your arms, back or shoulders that will spoil the look of a cocktail dress or evening gown.

The nape of the neck, the hip, thigh or stomach are all good choices for the placement of classy tattoos for women as these are subtle and less obvious locations where your body art can be concealed or displayed as required. Classy images that are commonly requested for these areas include stars, butterflies, angels, fairies, dolphins and zodiac signs but if you want to play it safe then opt for a floral design. Flowers are beautiful and feminine, ooze class in abundance plus there are a multitude of different ones to choose from, and each with its own meaning.