There used to be a certain stigma associated with women and tattoos, especially designs that were placed designs in a prominent location where it was fully visible for all to see, but due to the increased popularity of body art in recent decades this is no longer the case. Forearm Tattoos For WomenIn fact, female tattoo enthusiasts are just as happy as men now to display larger bold designs and no longer feel the need to opt for smaller more discrete designs tucked away out of sight or in more intimate locations. In recent years, forearm tattoos for women in particular have seen a surge in demand from pretty feminine images on the inner arm near the wrist to bolder, larger designs that can cover most of the skin surface as desired. There are a multitude of designs to suit this location, to suit all tastes and preferences so let as look at some of the favorites, with modern women today.

Male tattoo aficionados have been falling over themselves for one of the biggest trends in tattooing in recent years, which is the sleeve tattoo but women are also opting for such designs which may seem surprising considering what this particular design involves.

As the name suggest, this is obviously a design that covers part or the entire arm, like a sleeve of clothing however the skin surface of the selected area will be almost entirely covered in ink, in a multitude of different symbols and images, usually following a similar theme. These half-sleeve designs may run from the shoulder to the elbow or the elbow to the wrist and there are many designs of this kind available for forearms tattoos for women. Forearm Tattoos For WomenPopular feminine themes for these include religious imagery, floral images and fantasy or oriental themed designs but you could choose any theme you wanted and choose symbols, imagery and icons that relate to it. The overall theme is usually one that is of personal significance to the woman and these particular designs are ideal to let your creativity flow to ensure you have one that is individual and completely unique to you. However, I would not recommend this type of design for anyone considering their first tattoo as it is definitely more for those who are more hardcore and prefer their tats to have more of an edge as these are definitely not your traditional girly designs.

If having half your arm covered entirely in body art does not appeal to you there are plenty of other options you could choose instead for forearm tattoos for women, any of which could later be extended and transformed into a sleeve design at a later date. The lower arm is a very visible area so tattoos in this area will be exposed more than those on most other parts of the body so you may wish to consider if this would cause you any professional restrictions as it will be more difficult to cover up. There are some very pretty floral designs that seem to be greatly favored for the inner arm while script tattoos, often in a foreign script seem to be popular for placement along the inside edge. It is entirely down to personal preference what image you use here but make sure it can be scaled appropriately to suit the surface of skin available or this will spoil the overall visual effect.