While male tattoo enthusiasts predominantly like their body art placed where they can display it to the full with all the manly pride they can muster, their attraction to female tattoos tends to go the opposite way. Hip Tattoos For Women In fact, most guys will admit that one off the sexiest things about female body art is when it is more discretely placed, especially in a more intimate body location, where they are restricted to a tantalizing glance. Most females of course know exactly how much of a turn-on this is and are happy to play the tease in this way so perhaps that is one of the reasons hip tattoos for women are so popular. Not only does body art of this kind have guys salivating at the mouth and falling at our feet but it is also as practical as it is sexy which appeals to many. In that respect it is in an ideal location where it can be concealed under clothing or exposed for full effect in a bikini or crop top and low waist pants. Unlike the stomach area this particular location has less skin and more bone so it will be less likely to stretch or distort over time than other fleshier areas like the stomach, chest or bottom. It may however hurt more than some areas due to the lack of tissue so it wont cushion the hip bone from the tattooists needle to the same extent but this is a small price to pay for such a sexy tattoo.

There are various options available for placement of hip tattoos for women so you can select from a multitude of images in small to medium sizes, depending on exactly where you want yours to go. It is worth making this decision first then you can choose an image that will fit exactly in that spot or one that can be scaled too fit accordingly.

However if you decide to place your chosen image in a central position then it is important not to go for anything really tiny as this may look lost when placed on a larger surface of skin. On the other hand, do not go for anything too large either as this will look swamped and may some of its detail too so always choose a design that is the right size and shape too, where possible, as this will enhance your chosen tattoo rather than spoil it. Hip Tattoos For Women Alternatively, rather than opting for a smaller image as a central focal point, you may want a design that covers this area either vertically, horizontally or even both. A larger floral design would work well here as flowers always look beautiful when inked on the female skin in vibrant ink colors but you could also add some additional features like a dragonfly, butterfly or hummingbird for a more elaborate creation.

Dolphins are another image that are very popular with female tattoo enthusiasts and this is definitely among the most widely requested designs for hip tattoos for women. These may be depicted as a solo dolphin alone or rising from the waves or even as a several dolphins leaping from the sea over a rainbow and surrounded by stars. Whatever you opt for, as long as it is a design that you are happy with then you can be sure it will appeal to everyone else who is fortunate enough to catch a glimpse of it too.