As the demand for body art grew in popularity several decades ago both men and women flocked in their droves to get inked and there were certain trends that were prevalent for each. For male tattoo enthusiasts it was the tribal tattoo designs that were a must have for guy while their female counterparts became obsessed with lower back tattoos for women and as a result, the now infamous ‘tramp stamp’ was born. Lower Back Tattoos For WomenThese consist mainly of designs that went across the central area at the base of the spine and were predominantly dark monochrome designs that closely resembled the style of art work used in male tribal tattoos. Unfortunately, the more popular this style of body art became, the more crude and common the designs seemed to get with very little individuality noticeable between one design and the next. To add insult to injury, this particular style of body art developed its unfortunate nickname and these designs became associated predominantly with young women of dubious morals and excessive sexual urges. There is of course, no proof that women featuring this type of tattoo are more promiscuous than any other girl however this negative reputation stuck and it has taken a long time for things to change.

Fortunately, in our modern world today, there have been an abundance of advancements in the technology used within the tattooing industry including the equipment used and the evolution of the inks used, in both quality and quantity of color choice. The number of designs available today and the quality of work involved in these have also progressed to such an extent that some of these resemble miniature works of art that would not look out of place on a canvas hung in an art gallery. As a result, the lower back tattoos for women available today do not remotely resemble their trashy counterparts from the nineties. These are now beautiful, feminine images in bright vibrant colours and intricately detailed designs that look wonderful when inked on the female skin for displaying above low-rise jeans or cropped belly-flaunting tops, as well as in a bikini at the beach or pool. The emphasis on these modern designs is definitely more on sensuality that sexuality, in part due to the intensely feminine nature of these designs on the whole.

Lower Back Tattoos For WomenAmong the most popular images used for lower back tattoos for women include butterflies, shooting stars, floral imagery in both natural and abstract designs as well as celestial beings like the angel or fairy and the dragon, dolphin and exotic bird species. These can be placed in the middle or even extending right across the lower back from one side to the other or as a single image simply placed on either the left or right area. As well as traditional pictorial images this is also a popular placement area for written designs either as just words alone or in conjunction with other images. These text designs can be written in English or even in a foreign language like Spanish, Italian or French however any designs in an ancient script such as Sankrit or Hebrew are also popular here. Chinese characters and Japanese Kanjii are also widely requested for this particular body part and will certainly add kudos to your tattoo on their own or alongside picture images.