One of the most popular placement areas for feminine body art designs has to be stomach tattoos for women as these can be both sexy and subtle, depending on how the mood takes you. Unlike their male counterparts, many female tattoo enthusiasts do not need to display their chosen designs on prominent body parts that offer high levels of visibility to show them off, preferring more discrete locations instead. Stomach Tattoos For Women This is in part for practical purposes, so that the image can be easily concealed with clothing when desired, usually for professional purposes where body art on display in the workplace may be frowned upon in some environments. However, this is often because women like the idea of having a tattoo that they know is there, that is not apparent to anyone else other than a select few who are privy to the secret and they also like to tease potential suitors with just a tantalizing glance. Most guys find it very sexy when they can see just a hint of a tat on a woman’s skin, especially when it appears to be tucked out of site in a more intimate area and the stomach is an ideal placement area for those who like to tease! Body art here can be covered up with ease but will also look really cool and very sexy when displayed in cropped top, hipsters or in swimwear.

There are an abundance of designs available for stomach tattoos for women including a great many featuring female favorites like the butterfly, dragon fly and fairy either on their own or in conjunction with other popular images like flowers, hearts and stars. As well as shooting star designs which have proved immensely popular in recent years as a stand alone image or emanating from winged beings and other celestial images like the moon and sun. Stomach Tattoos For Women The sun in particular, is often used for designs inked on this area, incorporating the navel into the overall design so that it looks like the centre of this solar symbol, with the sun’s rays appearing to emit from within it. The image of the dolphin has also been widely requested for this location – not least because it looks really sexy peaking out from your bikini bottoms – in its natural form but also depicted in the style of tribal artwork for those who want to express a bit more attitude with this choice of tat.

One of the coolest and most popular trends in recent years has seen traditional pictorial images replaced with written words or text instead and these are in huge demand for stomach tattoos for women, particularly horizontal designs. These are often placed to sit just above a girl’s bikini line but run the length of the stomach and designs of this kind in a foreign language such as Italian or an ancient script like Hindu or Hebrew will definitely give your tat extra kudos. These may consist of just a few words that are of significance to the wearer or an inspirational quote that has a strong personal meaning to the individual, using only text or including additional imagery if required.