The art of tattooing has been around since ancient times, when it was used by ancient tribes and civilizations – many of which are now long gone – to commemorate important events in the individual’s life as well as denoting, status, clan and martial status. Most of these designs consisted of symbols relating to the natural world around them such as flowers, plants, animals and insects as well as the celestial bodies above them, the moon, sun and stars. Sun Tattoos For WomenWhile many of these are still widely requested in body art designs today, the latter, including sun tattoos for women, have proved a favorite for many and continue to grow in popularity. This is in part due to the positive connotations evoked by this image but aesthetically it is also a very versatile image that can be depicted in a variety of differing styles, colors and sizes.

Tribal versions offering an abstract alternative to more traditional sun imagery has proved popular with women who want their tat to express attitude and want a design with more of an edge than the traditional pretty feminine images used in much of today’s female body art. Favored placement areas for sun tattoos for women in this style include the upper arm, lower back, shoulder and stomach, with the belly button often being incorporated into the design as the centre of this celestial body, with the sun’s rays emanating out from around the perimeter of the naval. These are often depicted in plain black ink however many recent designs also inject flashes of red, orange or black in smaller quantities of ink for a contrasting effect which really makes this tattoo design stand out, for all the right reasons. This particular image works well as a more simplistic monochrome dark ink outline for those who prefer a minimum amount of shading and color and these plainer designs stand out just as much for their simplicity as other more intricately detailed versions.

Sun Tattoos For WomenThe most universally recognized depiction of the sun tends to be a dot or a circle, with its solar rays originating from its periphery. Some of the more colorful and detailed versions of sun tattoos for women may include additional details such as facial features etched onto this solar image. I have seen a really pretty design that has the face of the sun split into two sections, one of which is actually a quarter moon face colored in a pale silver or blue, contrasting beautifully against the golden hues that make up the bulk of the shading. Since the dawn of time, the sun has been revered as the ultimate source of life and sustenance, as well as symbolizing fertility, vitality, passion and knowledge, but it is still a potent symbol in our world today. Body art designs featuring this distinctive solar symbol offer connotations of light and energy, hope and happiness, as well as simply serving as a reminder that even on the darkest days, the sun will always emerge to bring illumination back into our lives.